Business hours from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

You can choose one or several 10-25 sq.m. offices.

You have the benefit of our fully staffed personalised reception desk, a waiting room and a lounge.

The offices are fitted to access four full digital "Numeris" telephone lines. They are functionally and comfortably furnished, and accessible on a 24-hour/7-day basis.

Our telephone receptionists stream your calls, handle your appointments and greet your visitors.

Same-day occupation of your office enables your complete working environment to be fully operational within a matter of minutes.

You can have the size of your office changed on the very day you should decide to do so.

You can take a boardroom for 6 to 16 people, for half a day or one week, whatever your needs: recruitments, training sessions, briefing sessions with your team...

  • Complete leasing flexibility: no long-term business lease commitment
  • Totally tailored to needs: you may take an extra office after four months and let it go three months later as you wish
  • Immediate utilisation
  • No installation or equipment fees
  • No management worries
  • You make use of the services of the business centre
  • You outsource all or part of your administrative tasks to us
  • Our Business Centre is a member of the "Syndicat National des Centres d'Affaires" (S.N.C.A.E.D.)
  • Our Quality label is an additional warranty for you.
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